It’s hard to make predictions, especially about the future.

Niels Bohr

1. He’ll lose the elections. He won.

2. He’ll close the borders on Muslims. His two symbolic primitive attempts were stopped by the courts.

3. It’s a shoo-in: Republicans have both the House and the Senate. The Senate stopped him on Obama-care.

4. He’ll overthrow Obama-care. The Senate stopped him.

5. All progressive measures by President Obama will be lost. Actually, US social activism is doing just fine.

6. He’ll heavily favor Israel. Everyone says he’s evenhanded on the Middle East.

7. He’ll immediately move the embassy to Jerusalem, build the wall with Mexico. So far, nothing.

8. He’s an isolationist. Well, so far, he’s been proactive on the Middle-East (received PM of Israel, leader of Arab Palestinians, President of Egypt, King of Jordan, Crown-Prince of Saudi Arabia), received political leaders of Canada, UK, Germany, Japan, China and others, ordered cruise missile strike on Syria, is on Iran’s tail, sent aircraft carrier and its escorts to vicinity of North Korea, supports NATO.

9. He’s a reckless extremist. He could have brought a modern Six-Day War on Syria, but he only destroyed 20% of its air fleet and warned beforehand to diminish loss of human life.

10. He will be Russia‘s poodle. He faced off Putin on Syria.

11. The economy will collapse. So far, it’s doing just fine. He’s creating jobs, gently asked military and pharmaceutical industry to scale down profit and tax supports the super-rich.

12. He’ll round up 100,000 illegal immigrants. Activists stopped him.

13. It will be a fascist Administration. He just railed in his most Right-Wing advisor, Steve Bennon.

14. His pick for the Supreme Court will unbalance it. Yet, the now confirmed Justice Neil Gorsuch is not more conservative than the man he replaces, Justice Antonin Scalia.

15. His Presidency encourages the Right to attacks Jews. Rather, assaults were from ultra-Left on campus and two crazies.

16. He’ll be impeached soon. He fires dysfunctional politicians and disloyal civil servants and there isn’t a cloud in his sky.