If you’re trying to imagine
How it feels,
Life suddenly stopped in it’s tracks.
Days, hours, minutes,
Endless tears
Stolen from you…
Memories flash before your eyes
As poignantly as your fears…
Picture your child in front of you,
In the park,
Playing leisurely on the swings…
There one minute,
Gone the next.
Picture your sibling,
Or a loved one,
Hiking with you in the woods…
There one minute,
Gone the next.
Endless hours spent searching,
In hope,
Endless days spent praying,
In hope.
Endless tears,
Countless fears…
The Unknown.
Yet in our Homeland
Our enemy is known,
Fierce and proud,
Violently loud.
They value little in life,
Of course not ours,
Not even their own.
Am Yisrael
We are never alone;
Good deeds,
Our boys will come home!