“She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future”


The solution to a problem your trying to solve, not only for you but for millions of women can potentially becomes your company. If your company isn’t a solution to a problem, it could still become a successful company but it wouldn’t be as meaningful, knowing you can’t really make a difference.

The problem I was solving was always crystal clear. Women spend alot of time trying to find modest fashion unsuccessfully. The solution is ModLi: a marketplace platform that brings all types of modest fashion boutiques to one place.  ModLi today curates over 100 modest fashion boutiques and offers the endless modest fashion selection women always dreamed of having.

Filling up your closet with modest items that are impossible to find elsewhere is an accomplishment of its own, being able to connect to so many women worldwide and bring them together through fashion is too, an unheard of concept. but what now? what do we really want ModLi to turn into?

The modest fashion industry is lacking strong & solid women who can become legitimate role models who empower women through fashion. ModLi is here to humanize modest fashion by making it an approachable style and a viral discussion topic that touches all women regardless of their fashion definition of modesty. Our goal is to change the way people perceive it and  inspire others but also allow other women to inspire us.

Its been the most amazing year and 2 months. We were able to do things many companies don’t get to do in a lifetime. And to that I am beyond grateful. Wishing us another breakthrough year of success.

Join the #ModLiMovement.

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