It seems that everyone got upset when executives from the Italian beyond-up-scale car manufacturer parked their in-house vehicles at the empty space next to the Wailing Wall.

The question that is raised is: did the holy site go commercial? The answer is no.

Next question: did the news media who published this stunt receive contributions for this plug? Probably not.

But what really is the problem here? That the cars are not Jewish? That they did not have a circumcision? That they rejected the binary choice between standing within the men’s and the women’s section?

What is for sure is that Ferrari is not “celebrating its 70th anniversary.” It’s just seven decades since they started calling their first non-racing car: Ferrari.

My hunch is that the real reason for these news reports is that contrast between these cars and the old and holy simply looks nice.

My questions are: What is the problem? Why is this not done more? Why does the Religious Affairs Ministry squander the opportunity to make big bucks here?