In the same way that we are a fighting a physical war for our survival, on battlefields riddled with bullets and bodies, we are fighting a war for our survival as humans. There will be casualties, as in any war. Indeed, I am willing to be one such.

What I will not do, at any cost and for any reason, what I will fight against with every fibre in my body and soul, is lose my humanity. I refuse to look a human being and see only a religion. I refuse to look at any human being and see only skin colour. I refuse to look at any human being, expressions as we all are of the Divine, and see anything other than a human being. I refuse to condemn a human being solely for the actions of others.

We are indeed soldiers. We are fighting a war for the soul of humanity, a war for our own souls. The greatest defeat, the greatest surrender, is to see in the eyes of another, the pleading, sparkling, crying eyes, an enemy.

Compassion is our battlefield. Love is our battlecry.

We will lose good men, good women. We will come out battered and bruised. But we will survive. For to be human without humanity is not an option. To live in God’s world without a relationship to his Creation is not an option.

We will fight, and we will win.

We will love, despite everything. We will love.