It is amazing, but as I grow older things continue to astound me !

Recently I obtained a copy of the British movie, “To Sir with Love” and was astounded to learn that it had been released in 1967, some  50 years ago!!

I knew that “Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band” would be celebrating its same anniversary next year, but the two had not become connected.

Here in Ottawa, we will be celebrating the 150th anniversary of our Nation’s capital, while in Israel you will honour the unification of your capital.

Visiting Israel leaves one with a sense of closeness and at the same time a sense of immense past.

How is one to reconcile these two diametric opposites ?

It must be a tremendous responsibility to understand that one has the weight of Ben Gurion resting on one’s shoulders.

Someone once wrote, “Do not let your past dictate who you are, but rather let it become a part of who you will be.”

I first visited Beersheva more than 12 years ago. However, after learning about it in my Torah class some two weeks previously here in Ottawa. Then standing at Abraham’s well, the “responsibility” of this site has remained with me ever since.

As a child in school I was fascinated with the “tetter totter.”  As kids, we would climb up and “find our balance” on its swaying bars.

How as adults do we “find our balance” in the world of political upheaval that inundates us?