Today, we see an endless and unrelenting battle of narratives between those who assert that Jews are native to the land of Israel, and those who, in the face of irrefutable proof, stand to deny this. Such a connection is accepted as concrete, indisputable fact among the Judeo Christian community, it has both a religious and established archaeological foundation. The basis for a belief in such a connection could not be any more concrete. In spite of this, many leading voices around the world push a narrative which would suggest the complete opposite. It is for this reason Israel finds itself in the situation it is in today.

On top of being already surrounded by dictatorial regimes sworn to its destruction, the political consequences of such stances serve to place Israel in an even more vulnerable position. Opposition to the legitimacy of the state of Israel places the terrorist proxy armies of countries such as Iran in a light of legitimacy, their tactics and strategies which involve the exploitation of both Israel’s and their own civilian population are swept under the rug and ignored. There are a number of radical Islamic terrorist groups which threaten Israel. The most notorious of these proxy terrorist groups are Hamas, who dominate the Gaza strip, and Hezbollah, which sits entrenched on Israel’s northern border with Lebanon.

While the State of Israel no doubt faces an internal crises, with terrorist groups having infiltrated the Arab demographic, leading to intelligence agencies having to infiltrate and eavesdrop on the Arab population from which the vast majority of all terrorist attacks stem, nobody denies that most Arabs living in Israel are ordinary people, working to make ends meet and doing what they can to take care of their families. Many serve to speak up in defense of the state of Israel and to fight off the lies that are spread by so many. Islam, like all other beliefs, has extremist elements who exploit their faith in a way which is fitting to their personal political and religious agenda. Hamas and Hezbollah are no different to the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, ISIS and Boko Haram.

Israel’s leaders should not be held to a higher moral standard by the global community, especially not by the United Nations. A two state solution with Hamas in power is suicide for Israel. Hamas firmly control the people of Gaza and are masters of deception and manipulation. They use their abilities to their full advantage and persuade Arabs living inside Israel to carry out stabbings, suicide bombings, vehicular ramming and rock throwing. They themselves are responsible for the intifadas and the rocket attacks.

In the year of 2005, Israel unilaterally withdrew from the Gaza strip, and vested complete control in the Palestinians in a bid for peace. The result was more terrorist attacks against the state of Israel. The move enabled Hamas who was ready to spring into action and take over the strip. In 2006 violence escalated and throughout the years, due to the loss of control over this strip, there have been major conflicts between Hamas and Israel every three to four years, with cease-fires, usually violated by Hamas, establishing periods of quiet. The idea of a two state solution, depending on who you talk to, will have a different meaning. Palestinians generally want a country of their own, while the terrorist organizations which rule them would don’t want co-existence and would like Israel to cease to exist. It is my personal belief that Israel was established over 3,000 years ago and, there is no way of denying that the Jewish people always had a presence, through all the invasions and exiles, this sliver of land was always home to the Jewish people. I am not a member of the government, just an ordinary neighborhood Israeli.

Now my recommendation to the “powers to be” if they absolutely must submit to a two state solution from world leaders, the first step to achieving such an accomplishment is dethroning and destroying Hamas. Recent history has shown, that when we give up land for peace, the terrorists take a mile for terror.