Oh dear G-d
What have you done
What is the reason
For separating us
If it’s a punishment
Why couldn’t you
Punish me
instead of him

My son, my son
My beloved son
So far from home
I wish i could see you
Happy with us
I wish i could tell you
I loved you much
I wish i could hug you
And never stop
I wish i could kiss you
And wish you good night
I wish i could say
One last good bye

He was our life
He was our soul
He was the future
Of this world
What have you done
Oh dear G-d
Please tell me this is a lie
Tell me it is not my son
Tell me: “do not cry
He is home”

But you have taken him
Away from me
With the excuse of a war
We supposedly won
Don’t give me back a hero
Who will live in my past
I beg you with my soul
Please. Dear G-d
Let him come back home