We should not be surprised that France joined the likes of Russia and China in supporting the Arab-backed proposal for Palestinian statehood.

The proposal, which failed in the UN Security Council, would have effectively rewarded the Palestinians with an independent state, notwithstanding the unity government between Fatah and the terrorist organization Hamas.  Simply put, the proposal was for a Palestine without peace.

This would all have been much simpler, and resolved long ago, had the Palestinian Arabs agreed to the UN Partition in 1947, or the offers in the 2000 Camp David talks.  Each was an opportunity for statehood, but each would have also required the Palestinian Arabs to recognize Israel’s right to exist.  This was, and still is, too much to ask of Palestinian extremist factions, who want both an independent state and the right to continue their mission to “obliterate” Israel.

France should know better than to support such a proposal.  On the other hand, few in the free  world look seriously to France for international leadership in the defense of freedom and peace.  Even fewer would consider France an exemplar of fortitude or resolve, in taking a stand against belligerents.

In an ugly coincidence, the recent resurgence of anti-Semitism in France has included virulent attacks on synagogues and Jewish-owned businesses, amidst cries of  “death to the Jews.”  Thousands of Jews are leaving the country, more than any time in recent history.

Thinking of travelling to France? It’s not on my wish list, unless to pay tribute to the thousands of courageous American, Canadian, and British souls who sacrificed their lives in Normandy to liberate France from the clutches of Nazi tyranny. And as for wine, the French variety leaves a nasty aftertaste. I prefer to support California and Israeli vineyards.