Pretend there was a bad neighborhood in Washington, DC which had important political or religious significance to America – Could anyone envision a scenario where police forced a Congressman out of the area because locals were threatening him? And if this happened regularly? Such a scenario in America is unfathomable.  In Israel it is a reality.

The most recent absurdity occured this week when Ze’ev Elkin, a Likud Knesset Member who serves as the Deputy Foreign Minister was forced off the Temple Mount because the Arabs got angry and a Jew went to the area. It’s the holiest place on Earth for the Jews, video of the disturbing incident exists – imagine if lawmakers in any other country were removed by police from holy areas? However, with the new peace talks, surely soon there will be peace and the Jews will be able to pray in holy places, right Mr. Netanyahu?

Quite ironic that on the same day murderer terrorists are approved for release, the cabinet declared that supposed right-wingers carrying out ‘price tag’ attacks are illegal organizations.  Last month, the Internal Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovich called price-tag graffiti as “terror acts for all intents and purposes.” Offensive graffiti is terrorism? The same man –  Aharonovich – voted to free terrorist murderers.  Any logic?

Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon (who also voted to release murderer terrorists) said “it is our obligation to be stricter against these rioters, since the results of these actions is disastrous.” He said they were criminals in every way and should be fought with the toughest means possible.  Seems there will soon be empty jail cells with freed Arabs.  Maybe Messers Aharonovich and Yaalon would advocate filling the cells with the terrible “price-tag” Jews who write offensive graffiti?

When the murdering Arab terrorists go free, the dangerous Jewish terrorists who write graffiti can fill the empty jail cells?

Chelm is upon us.

Ronn Torossian is 5WPR CEO.