On Monday morning the world awoke to the horrific news coming out of France. The attack on a Jewish school in Toulouse is the latest in a string of attacks that have rocked the country in recent weeks. The shooting spree left 4 dead: Rabbi Yonatan Sandler, his two sons Aryeh and Gavriel, and eight-year-old Miriam Monsonego – daughter of the school’s headteacher, Yaakov Monsonego. We still do not know who is responsible, but one thing is for certain: The goal was to kill as many Jews as possible. As Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu made clear in his released statement, the terrorist most probably had a “strong murderous anti-Semitic motive.” The trend of European anti-Semitism is nothing new, and this latest attack on schoolchildren reminds Jews of the kind of enemies we are up against.

You would think this kind of brutality would receive the public condemnation it deserves. Unfortunately, there always seems to be one of these politicians who feel the need to blame Israel whenever innocent Jews are shot down around the world. Enter EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton who, pandering to a group of Palestinian youth, stated that the unprovoked murder of Jewish schoolchildren is comparable to “what is happening in Gaza.” Mrs. Ashton’s comments perfectly exemplifies a strand of Jew-hatred that is becoming all too common in elite circles. The resurgence of violent anti-Semitism in recent years should therefore be placed in context with the current intellectual onslaught against Israel. Today is a time where a Hamas representative is invited to speak in front of the UN Human Rights Council to condemn the Jewish State. Today is a time where leftist terror-sympathizers will tomorrow join with their Palestinian brothers and mark yet another violent “day of resistance” with their March to Jerusalem fiasco. So let’s be clear: The international campaign to delegitimize Israel and her right to self-defense is being used as gas fueling this European hate.

The Sandler family (photo via twitter).

It was announced that the victims from the Ozar HaTorah school will be buried in Israel. For they were killed only because they were Jews and there is but one place on earth where they and all Jewish life is protected, for only that classification. That in itself should be justification enough for the existence of The State of Israel.