I find the idea that President Shimon Peres has invited Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel to speak at the Israeli Presidential Conference this week as nothing short of an outrage.

Whilst the agenda and mission statement for this conference is to engage the central issues that will influence the face of our future: geopolitics, economics, society, environment, culture, identity, education, new media, and more – It is clear that folks like Rahm shouldn’t have a place in such a conference.

For one, he has been a terrible Mayor of Chicago; Chicago’s murder rate is up 31 percent over 2011. Gun violence is up 8 percent. It has increased further since the turn of the year. It is ironic that Mayor Emanuel is at a tomorrow conference, when most of his constituents in Chicago aren’t too sure if they will get through today under his failed leadership!

When the Israeli government gave a green light to zoning and planning in the area known as E1, back in 2012; Rahm came out and said “It is unfathomable that a prime minister would behave the way Netanyahu behaved.” It’s nothing to do with him how Israel decides to go about settlement building.

When he openly criticized Israel in such a public manner, he should have been automatically barred from  this conference.

What Rahm did during the conference and his vital input was mention other irrelevant topics like a Bat Mitzvah to schmooze the crowd.

While Rahm schmoozed the crowd, he deflected the audience about what his real agenda is on Middle East peace.

His agenda is the mass expansion of the Palestinian state at the expense of the Jewish people currently residing legally therein. The sooner you start realizing this, the sooner we can start taking action to stop these so-called friends from being given such prominent positions with the Israeli leadership.