My daughter eagerly rises to share her seat
although rider in-need-of seat doesn’t see her do so
and just settles in as though

she simply deserves a prize from the MTA

and there is no tired teenage girl exercising kindness

in a place where kindness is not always easy to come by


I see it, another passenger sees it

and beams a smile at me — mom


I smile back to my daughter who notices

the smiler, smiling at me


We all look toward seat-prize lady

who ignores us with a stoic stare

of the small yet significant kindness

entirely unaware


It’s all perfectly OK and how it should be

as G-d sees and truly smiles–

He’s also aboard the B.


“The world is built by loving kindness.”  ~Psalms 89:3


Central Park Splendor, April 3, 2018 (Courtesy)