Would it be possible in 2017 in the democratic humanistic Jewish State of Israel that someone would lose his job for going to a gay wedding and making the newlyweds happy? Yes, it just happened.

A Member of Knesset did so and lost his seat in parliament. No, he wasn’t unseated – that is legally impossible. He voluntarily gave up his seat after being bullied, but that should make no difference.

Where is the Law prohibiting this? Where is the police questioning the low-lives who harassed him? Anyone who pressured him to resign should receive a jail sentence.

It’s not going to happen. It’s politically not feasible. Morality held hostage by political pragmatism.

NB: This distinguished lawmaker didn’t approve of gay marriage. In fact, he made very clear to wife and kids before setting off to the wedding that this is not kosher. But he also said: which is none of our business – he’s family and we’re going to make him happy. What a Mensch!

And the rabbis who called for his ousting? They mainly deplored the desecration of G-d’s Name. They’re completely ignorant that their very position is what damages G-d’s honor. The only way to save His Face is to protest this stupidity. Which, as an Orthodox Jew I hereby gladly do.

Thank G-d, many young people start exploring Judaism by reading old books without paying too much attention to what ignorant hateful leaders of our days without an ounce of decency scream. Every philosophy of life on paper looks much better than the leaders proclaiming it. Too bad Judaism is not an exception here.

And don’t assume for a second that this is a religious area of public shame. The greatest anti-religious-domination institute of the Jewish State, always meting out human rights, the High Court of Justice, just now defended marriage inequality – blaming it on Judaism and public opinion being opposed. Well, for the record, the overwhelming majority of the Israeli public (59%) supports same-sex marriage for Israel. I think that there is nothing more disgusting than judges lying.

In honor of Edie Windsor (88).