For many reasons, recent American foreign policy mistakes will be studied for many years in academic institutions worldwide.  Saying nothing of the Snowden affair which will undoubtedly have long-lasting implications, it is clearly apparent that Obama has been naïve, foolish and completely mistaken in his view on Egypt – formerly one of America’s fiercest allies in the Arab world.

The streets are on fire and many questions will be asked for years to come.  Will Muslim fundamentalists believe in democracy? Will the Egyptian military truly be united with political powers that be? Who knows how much blood is in the streets of Egypt and how much America helped?

As Ari Shavit wrote in Haaretz in January 2011, President Obama had betrayed “a moderate Egyptian president who remained loyal to the United States, promoted stability and encouraged moderation.”  Mubarak may not have been perfect – but in an imperfect region, he kept peace with Israel and was a staunch, reliable American ally.  Today Anti-American and Anti-Israel emotion is rampant throughout Egypt.

Against this backdrop, Obama, and the American Administration urge Israel to take risks for peace.  Even if one believes Obama is a true ally of Israel, does not the man’s awful record thus far on the Mideast render anything he has to say on the region completely useless at this point? Obama is a brilliant speaker and Public Relations pro – but the Middle East he doesn’t understand.

Israel can tell Secretary of State Kerry and Obama to solve the other Middle East problems and leave Israel alone.  Israel can’t afford the sort of mistakes America helped create in Egypt.

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