I happen to agree with Trump’s line of reasoning, although pejoratively phrased, that “good Muslims” should speak out against “bad Muslims” in the sense that politically moderate Muslim Americans that subscribe to our democratic principles of freedom should reject and report preaching of any hijacked brand of Islam that encourages violence and global sharia.

But, in that same vein, “good Republicans” should speak out against “bad Republicans”.

Trump’s proposed policy to ban people of an entire religion from entering our country is almost as counterproductive as it is morally reprehensible. National security experts across the country have warned such a measure would become a viral recruiting tool for jihadists everywhere. Constitutional experts across the country have warned that such persecution violates our Bill of Rights and the principles of our foundation as a free country. And minorities across the country, myself included, are simply horrified for fear of historical recurrence.

Good Republicans know this type of policy is bad for national security, bad for our individual freedoms, and goes against the very grain of the party that freed the slaves, passed the Civil Rights Act, and tore down the walls of the Soviet Union.

We can only hope that Trump doesn’t believe what he is saying and is only shouting shameless demagogic noise to rabble-rouse up his poll numbers. But we can’t take that chance.

It’s time that good Republicans speak out against bad Republicans. It’s time that we speak up in our churches, synagogues, and mosques, in our blogs and in our newspapers, and especially in our polls, with one resounding message: Donald Trump does not represent us.