Obviously, remembrance of September 11th was not going to be as apparent in Tel Aviv as it is in New York. There was a need for a gesture, but sometimes words alone seem too trite. Especially when tackling a topic as heavy and complex as 9-11. Professionally, in graphic design, my challenge of choice is designing logos. Yesterday, upon telling a friend of mine how strange it was not to be as intensely aware of September 11th in Israel, he suggested creating a commemorative logo, capturing the grotesque evil and haunting sorrow through visual means. Terrorlast New York still suffers, as do we all. A traumatic level of destruction achieved by terrorists was revealed to the world, the attack remains an enormous scar. Whatever symbolic, politically correct and poetically named structure stands on Ground Zero, it will never cover the blood of those who burned and fell to their death that day.

War is a never-ending headline. Yet I find that people here in Israel are almost used to this, and keep on trucking, beautifully. It enhances holidays, cherished time spent with family and loved ones. There is a stable stream of hope. Remember tragedies, attacks and wars. The darker times are motivation to linger in the moments of peace, however fleeting they may be.

“I’heyeh Beseder” – Most Israelis, at any given time.