This article is a response to Eitan Chitayat’s wildly popular article, Shalom, Mother****r. I do not intend to refer to Eitan as a Mother****r. I’m simply capitalizing on his sensationalist headline. 

Dude, I commend you.

I have never seen a Times of Israel article trend to such heights. Over 120 thousand shares, three and a half thousand comments?

I’m impressed.

You’ve got to teach me what you know, because most of my articles are read by my pet hamster and my grandparents. On both sides.

But dude, my respect stops there. For both you and your tens of thousands of readers.

You wrote an article, brimming with hellfire and brimstone. You stated your stance in no uncertain terms. You gave your article one helluva mother****ing title.

And what is it about?

You unfriending someone.

Seriously? Do mine eyes deceive me?

You express this much anger, passion and commitment to the Jewish cause by unfriending someone? Is there no better way to express this?

I am disappointed with my generation that such an underwhelming act should get such an overwhelming response. Being addicted to Facebook is one thing. Taking the time to share and comment on a vacuous and virtually meaningless act is another.

Let’s get a life people. Let’s do something that actually matters.

I’m adding the following section to this post, to clarify my position further. Thanks to everyone for all the nasty comments and for helping me articulate more clearly the point I want to make.

The entire tone of your article is reactive – you did X, Y and Z, and now I will unfriend you.

Looking beyond the unfriending itself, my opinion on which you already know; my bigger issue is this lack of assertiveness. Yes, the response is fierce, but it is still a response.

It is time we Jews stopped being apologetic. It’s time we stopped with the “hey, I’m allowed to defend myself” and “but wait, they are trying to kill me” rhetoric, and start stating the facts we believe in. We are the Jewish people. We are unique. We are special. This is our land. If that bothers you, take a hike.

The fantastic words of Dr. Ze’ev Maghen come to my mind, and express my sentiments better than I ever could:

“A man calls you a pig. Do you walk around with a sign explaining that, in fact, you are not a pig? Do you hand out leaflets expostulating in detail upon the manifold differences between you and a pig (“A pig has a snout, I have a nose; a pig wallows in mud, I only occasionally step in a puddle, and then, of course, inadvertently…”)? Do you stand on a soap box and discourse eruditely on why, in general, it is extremely not nice to call people pigs, and appeal to the populace to please have no truck with an individual rude and nasty enough to say such things about an upstanding citizen like yourself? Fellow Jews, where in hell is your dignity? Where is your abhorrence of useless, thoughtless, counterproductive endeavor?”

Let’s be strong, let’s be proud, and let’s for once take the reins on the global conversation. That’s what I mean when I say “something that actually matters”. If we feel the need to fight with the pen, let’s go all the way.

If you want to take it back to the Facebook metaphor, instead of unfriending someone who is anti-Semitic, why not post something that rubs the anti-Semites the wrong way and let them unfriend you?