I for one am tired of reading about this nefarious creature. Harvey Weinstein is and was evil and more and more women are accusing him of rape and other horrible sexual acts. OUR QUESTION…..WHY NOW? is this being exposed. It is nothing new. My answer he used and was used. Greedy and powerful people seek more greed and power. This horrible bully knew what people wanted and that he could deliver. Lesson learned…..do not play up to powerful people in control, men or women. In the end you will be hurt. Powerful leaders and business magnates one day you might get caught . Politicians take heed, many of you are equally as guilty as this beast. PROFESSORS take heed…..students remember getting the A IS NOT WORTH SELLING YOUR SOUL. I used to think that rich and powerful people did not need to steal and cheat. I was wrong. They just never have enough money and control over others.