The rabbis (Babylonian Talmud, Yoma 80a) teach us, warn us, that if you want to seize too much you might end up with nothing. Wise words for all times.

It sounds nice, tough and proud to say: If not in Jerusalem, it should not happen anywhere in Israel. But is it wise? It’s been the “success” formula of the Muslim leaders in the Middle East for over a century. Ask Muslim Palestinians how well that is working.

When you go for all-or-nothing, you might end up with nothing. Is that worth the risk?

True, having the TV competition not in Jerusalem is unthinkable. Truly, secular Tel Aviv has more of the Eurovision showy atmosphere than holy serious Jerusalem, but how not to do this in our Foremost City?!

It would be more expensive to have the show at two locations, but that would spread spending by the visitors to more than just one spot.

The two semi-finals in Tel Aviv and the final in Jerusalem. Why not?

That enables countries who do not want to acknowledge Jerusalem as our Capitol to participate in the semi-finals. Most of those few anti-Israel countries might not make it into the finals – problem solved. Or, if they do, they can travel home and forego competing in the finals.

Still wilder: The two semi-finals in Tel Aviv and Eilat and the finals in Jerusalem. But that could just be another case of wanting too much.