Having weathered this summer’s heat wave and last year’s sandstorm, I was struck by the news of the sandstorm blanketing Jerusalem this past week.

The brunt of such occurrences is borne, I believe, by pedestrians rather than those sitting in air conditioned cars. It would be helpful, and provide some relief to pedestrians, if the pedestrian crossing signals could be re-calibrated if the heat rises above, say, 28C.

Similarly the provision of a few benches around the periphery of Safra Square would be most welcome to folks waiting for the start of the municipal Shabbat morning walking tours who are necessarily perched on steps, the edge of planters and various concrete structures.

By the way these free walking tours must surely be Jerusalem’s finest hidden resource. Offered in both separate Hebrew and English tours, they visit a variety of areas and provide a meaningful interpretation of Jerusalem’s history and architectural gems. Even if one’s Hebrew is limited it is still well worth the effort to tag along to some new area and try and follow the points being made.

Who ever thought up this program so many years ago is to be heartily congratulated!