On Tuesday, July 12th, some 33 people were hospitalized in Brooklyn from K2 (synthetic marijuana) related incidents. Police were called after victims were seen lying on the sidewalk, widely shaking and leaning over fire hydrants.

K2 is an extremely dangerous drug. The term K2 is used to refer to any number of chemicals designed to mimic the effects of marijuana. Because there is no precise formulation, its effects are highly dangers of K2. In addition, I believe that community leaders and impactors should be encouraging community members to report stores that sell K2. In New York, a call to 311 is all that is needed. It is essential that we assist law enforcement and organize compliance checks to ensure that local establishments aren’t offering K2 for sale.

I won’t be shopping at any establishments that violate the law prohibiting the sale of K2 and neither should you. It is our collective responsibility – and is within our power – to see to it that our community members do not fall victim to this frightening epidemic.