Most people by now know what is a Transgender person. But there is no awareness of Transgenerational people!!

  • Why does this old man want to talk to that 20-year old? It must be a dirty old man. Why doesn’t he just sit and smoke something and look dazed? Something must be wrong with him. Better watch him.
  • Look how happy that old man looks – he most probably forgot to take his medication this morning. Terrible to see how old people are abandoned and must look after themselves, even when obviously they can’t anymore. Better keep an eye on him.
  • You want to know if bus 5 just passed? Where do you need to go? Are you OK? Shall I hold your hand? You only want to know if bus 5 just passed? Why?

Everything I do and say is immediately translated by all people around me as if I’m a run-down imbecile.

So I went to my family doctor.

Help doc, I’m trapped in the body of a 63-year old! I want an operation so that I can become my true self again. So that people will start relating to me for what I am.

But my health fund does not want to pay for it. They even told me that such an operation is not covered in any country in the world. That it even cannot be done.

What, I exclaimed, they can change men into women and women into men but they can’t change me into a 23-year old? I changed me from a 23-year old into a 63-year old without any operation! I even have pictures from then, so that they can see what I should look like.

I had no one to talk to. What do I do now?

Actually, it is the opposite of 40 years ago. Then I was a 63-year old trapped in a 23-year old body! And no one helped me!

  • Then, when I wanted to play with a baby, you saw people think: he must be a pervert that he’s interested in babies from someone else. Watch him.

Now, when I smile at a baby or talk to a small child, people are “charmed” that “grandpa” likes them. Say goodbye to the old man.

  • Then, when I said something wise, everyone was shocked. Can’t we just have fun telling each other nonsense? Why does he need to spoil it by being so serious? He should get some treatment.

Now, when I innocently say something wise to a fellow 23-year old, everyone looks like, why doesn’t he let him find out what life will teach him without preaching at him?

However, one day a year, all age-inappropriate actions and interaction are no problem. Purim. At least then, no one looks themselves.

This year I’ll dress up as a 63-year old. I’m sure no one will recognize me.