[Intro, Social Skills]

Another field Mister Cellophane often needs help in is how he looks – not just how he dresses, but how comports himself. The original Mister Cellophane – Andy – is a perfect example of that. Everything about him screams “pushover”: he’s kind of hunched over; his clothes don’t look too fashionable (even within his price range). Someone looking to steal would think him an easy mark.

But even beyond that, appearance is a vastly underrated social skill which men, especially the Mister Cellophanes of the world, must develop. How we look to others is just as important as what comes out of our mouth. We can talk about how “it’s what’s on the inside that counts” from now until Doomsday,” we all know this is a pretty falsehood which provides consolation but no real comfort.

So, without further ado, here are a few simple things every Mister Cellophane should work on:

I. Hygiene

This sounds simple and obvious, but it isn’t. Especially for the very introverted, basic hygiene issue like showering and brushing teeth every day, putting on clean clothes and deodorant are things which are just not seen as that important. Folks, if you want to increase your friends, you can’t have an odor force field which makes people run away. You can’t smell it – they can.

Furthermore, not investing in basic hygiene sends the message that you don’t think it’s worth investing in yourself at the most basic level. And if you don’t see yourself as valuable enough to do so – why should anyone else?

II. Grooming

First and foremost, start looking in the mirror more. Pretend you’re a stranger – do you like what you see? If not, time to improve. Get regular haircuts and settle on a smooth or beard look and keep it well maintained. Practice looking straight at the mirror and pretending you’re the most confident guy in the room.

Next, clothes. You should own at least one good suit, and a number of dress shirts. Invest also in fitting clothes. I’ll never forget how people looked at me differently when I was wearing a nice two-piece suit at my brother’s wedding. It was like they saw someone entirely different.

III. Posture

Mister Cellophane often slouches, hunches his shoulders, looks towards the ground. All of these habits signal clearly that this person is afraid. If you want to get ahead – with friends, in life or with girls, this entire affect needs to go. Otherwise working on the first two items will only go so far.

First, posture. From now on – you will always have your head and back straight. When walking and when sitting. Do regular planks to strengthen the necessary muscles if you need to. It doesn’t matter how tall you are, maintaining an erect posture signals confidence, even dominance.

Second – your eyes never go to the floor again. You are always looking straight ahead or to the side. You are not a person afraid of their own shadow and who must beg other people’s permission to exist, you’re a person who has places to go and people to see. You’re someone – act like it.

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