R&S 3g

The surfboard says it all; “Here It Is!”…

Eileen and I were sitting at home on New Years Day as the weather outside was cold and stormy. Surprisingly, the sun came out and Eileen said this could be perfect weather conditions for rainbows, so camera in hand off we went.

I suggested we head towards the water and head for the Sidna Ali Mosque. The mosque is located on the cliffs overlooking the Apollonia-Nof Yam beach. The photo above was taken outside the mosque.

R&S 3

Double rainbow in Herzliya Petuach…

To get to the mosque we have to drive through the residential streets of Herzliya Petuach. I suggested to Eileen to make a right turn on the next street we came to, and this is what we saw! Not too shabby, huh?

R&S 3a

We continued on to the mosque as the rainbows started to disappear. Unfortunately, I could not align the mosque and the rainbow for a photo, but, even better, I was able to get this shot of Eileen.

R&S 3e

Eileen in the parking lot at the Sidna Ali Mosque…

With the rainbows disappearing, we decided to head to Herzliya Marina. As we left the mosque’s parking lot, heading to the marina, the sky changed, and ‘lo and behold’ the rainbows reappeared.

R&S 3f

R&S 3c

I was thrilled to be able to view and shoot the rainbows. As a ‘city boy’ I didn’t get to see them often. We continued on our ‘rainbow/storm chasing’ and will share with you in my next blog post…