So much for the global war on terror when it comes to social media. The savvinesss of certain terrorist organizations online continues, with the news today that Hezbollah has launched a multi-lingual news application for iPhones and iPads. The terrorist organization describes the app as “an application that brings news from all around the world.” Terrorists understand that propaganda matters – and using social media makes it easier than ever before to get their message out.

As recently as this month, Twitter saw official Hezbollah accounts @HezbollahFacts, an address from which on March 10th was tweeted to the Israel Defense Forces Spokesperson @IDFSpokesperson “Tell Your Citizens To Be Prepared..” , and on February 27th “hezbollah when we finish from Syria WE WILL ATTACK ISRAEL.” A different account on Twitter @hamasinfo appears to be an official Hamas account, and in March tweeted (in Arabic) “Hamas calls for escalation of resistance operations to deter the occupation of the Judaization of Jerusalem.” Smart Public Relations from terrorists.

Apparently, yelling fire in a crowded theatre is ok – as long as it is online and not in “real-life.”