I am crawling to the electric barbed wire.
I see gliding in the wind is the ashes of my family from the crematorium fire
There is nothing left to aspire
My sanity is caught in the crossfire.

Just six months ago I was one for a good time
And now all that is mine are victims of crime.
I must hold on for dear life.
Yet I want the barbed wire to cut my wrist like a knife

But the glass of wine of life must be refilled
The end cannot be like this. I cannot stand still.
I must hold on for dear life. The door of death I must close.
Yet all I loved is destroyed. Crushed like sand is my rose.

I must hold on for dear life.
Help me to hold on for dear life.
Near the barbed wire, I am about to touch,
the faces of my love ones appear and tell
me, “You must guard. You must watch.”

As I place my soul on the barbed wire
a bird flies near. Eye to eye I become the bird
I will fly. I will soar. I will scream. I will be heard.
My family, friends and all my Nation will not be a herd
to be slaughtered, to be ashes in the wind.
I swear the world will never again be dumb, deaf and blind.

Hold on for dear life!
I am not number 987867!
I am Yitzhak, son of Avraham, a child of Heaven!
I will right this evil transgression.
Hold on for dear life.
I am the Jew of 4000 years
of endless tears.
Hold on for dear Life!