On Erev Yom HaShoah as we gather to both reflect and pray, either in large groups, or with family and friends, or in some instances alone, over why we must NEVER FORGET this most horrific genocidal tragedy, I wanted to express my heartfelt prayers that there NEVER AGAIN be more pain for our people, anywhere or anytime. I also pray there be no more pain for Israel herself and that not only must she always exist, but that she thrive and flourish as the one true beautiful flower standing tall and proud in a surrounding sea of exceedingly hostile sand.

May G-d bless our people and the Land of Milk and Honey always, and protect us from those who seek to cause us harm. May it be so … Baruch HaShem

Holocaust Remembrance Day (told in verse):

NEVER AGAIN, I cried out, on this most solemn of days,

Remembering a time, of nightmarish ways,

How could it happen, people turning their backs,

Why us, I could ask, were not the facts the facts,


His country in trouble, its people broke, without work,

Inspired to hate, by a man, clearly berserk,

The world looked on, turned a blind eye,

As SIX MILLION JEWS were chosen, then forced to die,


In the name of cleansing, that was his excuse,

The plight of my people, victims of his horrid abuse,

Yom HaShoah, the day, a time to recall,

The horrors of the Holocaust and its victims, above all.


~ Me

(N.B.: for any new readers, “~Me ” is my poet’s signature and my words are all original. Please feel free to share.)