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How about ‘death to stupidity’?

Last night, while watching the news, I saw the Arab Mayor of Nazareth, Ali Salem, telling off  MK Ayman Odeh of the Joint Arab List.
Mayor Salem’s city is being destroyed by inciters, who also happen to be bankrolled by the Israeli taxpayer. MK Odeh is one of those inciters, living the high life by keeping the Arab populace of Israel involved in “the struggle”. His only means of political survival is to keep his people struggling instead of progressing.

While MK Odeh was giving an interview to Israel Channel 2, the Mayor of Nazareth stopped his car and began to shout, “You’ve destroyed our city…Get out of here with your interviews! You’ve destroyed everything. Go to Haifa….What are you doing to us?!…Shut up and get out of here!”

It is because of people like Mayor Ali Salem and many others that I meet all the time, that I detest the idiotic chant of “Death to the Arabs.” This is the war cry of escapists who have no interest in doing the hard work that could actually make all our lives better.

I’m not advocating fooling ourselves into believing that with a little TLC, we’ll have some utopian coexistence here. We have a militant jihadist populace in our midst and it must be met with crushing force. It must be made crystal clear that this is the land and state of the Jewish people. At a minimum, all who refuse to accept this most basic principle must be banned from holding public office.

Instead of wasting time on populist catchphrases, why not ask our elected representatives why they allow anti-Zionist supporters of terror to sit in the Knesset, openly calling for the demise of the state of Israel?

Instead of making the Jewish people look no better than those who want us dead, let’s ask why the Supreme Court is allowed to overrule the elections commission’s attempts to ban inciters and supporters of terror from running for elected office?

Instead of calling for death to the Arabs, why not ask Naftali Bennet why a person like Anett Haskia, an Arab-Muslim-Zionist member of his party and mother to three exemplary IDF soldiers, was not noticeably supported or offered some sort of role as an advisor for the Arab sector?

The extreme left props up hostile elements that encourage terror and sedition, all so they can show the world how tolerant they are.

The extreme right gives no support to the sane voices coming from within the Arab community and actually hurts them by turning a blind eye to calls for the death of an entire ethnicity.

When do the normal people get a voice?

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