How can you pick the best homework helper/tutor for your child?

  1. Go with an expert — As children get older, the coursework becomes harder and harder. By 8th grade, parents may struggle to assist their children with daily homework. We recommend that parents use tutors who have undergraduate degrees in substantive fields like English, the sciences, or math rather than a general degree in elementary education.
  1. Local — Choose a tutor who is familiar with the local schools and has tutored other students from your child’s school.

School based knowledge goes a long way. An experienced local tutor will know which topics are most emphasized in school, particularly in math classes.

  1. Friendly, Encouraging, Professional — These are the three most important attributes to look for in a potential tutor.
  1. Availability — Make sure the tutor will be available when your child needs help. We ensure that our tutors have open weekend and weeknight availability.
  1. Personality match — Your child has to enjoy working with any tutor you decide to hire.

Motivation is key. Make sure that you choose a tutor with a positive, motivating attitude.