I (want to) believe in freedom of speech, while I do believe in fair, righteous and constructive speech at the same time; it’s necessary to voice our opinion on injustice, however, we need legitimate explanations with solid proof in order to speak reasonably, argue constructively and act on fair grounds, not with radical or glib uninformed/poorly informed comments based on hip “Free this and that country”-slogans or on the flashing prejudiced/one-sided media.

It has always been trendy in certain circles to support certain issues, Gaza being one of them – reflecting on discussions I had with Germans, Irish, French, Turks, Egyptians, Americans, etc. With the last operation in the summer, the media in Europe and in the U.S., the social media around the world were yet again blurred with: Free Gaza; Stop the killing in Gaza; Israeli baby killers; Kill Jews; Israelis are Nazis; Israel is killing children in Gaza; genocide by Israel in Gaza; I love my Jewish friends in Turkey but stop killing innocent children in Gaza, etc., so was Instagram with pestering comments on pictures taken in Israel yet unrelated to this happening, so were verbal and written discussions.

Whenever I had the chance to ask, my question was: Have you ever been to Israel? Have you ever been to the Gaza strip? – the frequent answer on both: No. Thus let me ask: How can you judge then? Let’s go one step further, when people indicated how horrible they found: Israel killing civilians in Gaza, without even mentioning the terrorist organization responsible de facto (I will not grant them the honour of mentioning their name), I replied: Killing is always a horror; What would you do if your neighbour kept terrorizing you from the other side of the hedge by constantly throwing stones eventually explosives onto your ground and at your house, kidnapping your children, while simultaneously rocketing you from above and tunneling you from below, without you knowing of their next attack? The answer always was: I would defend myself.

Well, good morning!

temple mount