Searching for two books in Mea She’arim, I again ended up taking many pictures. I got to experience a captivating image of the orthodox Jewish world in Israel. Dressed accordingly, I wasn’t given looks of being unwelcome, at cafes I was treated like any other local customer. Scanning posters and walls, I didn’t see hateful speech against Israeli Arabs or Islam; usually we express feelings in words and symbols, in public often on walls – here I saw quite the opposite to anti-Semitic expressing around the world. Talking about books, why does the world media not mention that museums in Israel, i.e. the Israel Museum, have the Christian Bible and the Koran on neutral display, objectively displayed with other religious and cultural objects; can you find this without any bitter connotation elsewhere, in the Middle East, or in Turkey?

It was my intention to experience Israel with all my senses, to see the people, to smell its air, to taste its food, to hear the sounds on the street, to touch the Western Wall; by the time I had left I was overwhelmed and for the first time really speechless to talk about a journey. My first photograph impressions of Israel are my first experience without being a photograph expert – parts of Jerusalem, the Star of David, the flag of Israel, people, children (- never in my life have I seen so many children play in the streets -), the Kotel, some parts of TLV, etc. How many times was I astonished about little brothers and sisters playing and skipping along, riding their little bikes, the older protecting the little ones – peacefully. And how astonished was I seeing Israeli Arab children doing the same thing in Old Jaffa/TLV without being segregated like the media outside Israel tends to picture it.