This being my own reflection on my very personal experience; I find my impressions absolutely different from the ones spread in Europe. You may certainly note that I have only referred to positive and nice things about Israel – fair enough, yet why make up negative things I haven’t seen. You might want to bring up the mentality trait that Israelis are very upfront and straightforward, but why compare? I’ve come to realize that it saves talks and time, which certain European and international organizations could take a page from in order to precede tacheles in their missions.

I cannot claim I’ve succeeded in being objective throughout, instead I have tried to counter ask questions on views and perceptions I find closed minded, unfair and unjust about a country and its people receiving judgments by some misinforming armchair people, politicians, governments, organizations, the media, etc. Go visit Israel, talk to Israeli people, listen to Israeli politicians; go visit Gaza, talk to Gazans, listen to Gazan politicians and their organization (…) – try to get to know the people, their history, the situation on site, then judge. That is real, not joining hip ad hoc “Free Gaza; I hate Israel; I hate Jews” demonstrations.

See that Israel offers democracy by law, however, glossed over with counter preconceptions outside the country; see that you can be an individual, dress as you wish, sit and eat as you wish, wear your hair wet as you wish, behave freely as you wish, wear mini or long as you wish, cover or not as you wish, utter as many ‘Yalla-s!’ as you wish, orient yourself in public in any of the three languages as you wish: Hebrew, Arabic, English. How common is this in the world? Less common than governments and organizations around the world pointing fingers at Israel not being democratic and committing “genocide”, among them one in particular having undeniable violations of both on their history timeline and in current affairs regarding freedom of speech and the Armenian genocide still being denied.

And finally, I did not write this to get likes – maybe some of you will unfriend me, it’s okay -, nor to impress anybody around me or in Israel, nor to sound politically involved, nor to appear as a travel writer, maybe some of you will say: You’re not Israeli, you can’t really know.; How many times have you mentioned the term “Israeli Arab”! – it’s okay; it’s merely my reflection on how I saw Israel and how Israel showed herself to me during my stay – the place I have read about since I was small, the place from where pupils had writing competitions with us at school, the place where our teacher planted trees for us, the place I involved in my thesis at university, the place I now happily wear around my neck – a holy place, and a place that I find does deserve unbiased understanding. So how about Goethe’s “Mehr Licht”, the universal panacea for enlightenment, compassion, fairness, … instead of preconceived anti-Israel opinions fed by misinforming media, distortion, hate speech and anti-Semitism.

Thankful from within for my Israel-dream-come-true, and grateful to the fine people I have met

– see you again soon, my dear ISRAEL.