How Multiculturalism Has Led to Bloodshed

Multiculturalism as an immigration policy indirectly breeds hatred. When the government declares that all cultures and countries are equal and play an equal part in society, no matter how extreme and violent, don’t be surprised when the violence reaches the streets.

Much of Western Europe has a multicultural policy towards immigration. In the eyes of the big government bureaucracy, there is no distinction between a potential immigrant with shared western values, culture and language and a potential immigrant with a radical ideology. Since all countries and cultures are viewed as equal, the doors have been opened to literally anyone. It is becoming increasingly apparent that many of these immigrants have a radical culture with zero tolerance towards women’s rights, freedom of religion, freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

This zero tolerance has become so radical to the point where it has led to thousands of ‘no go zones’ throughout Europe. In these hostile areas, police and firefighters are unable to enter out of fear for their own safety. There are documented accounts of mosques catching fire in a no go zone, and when the fire department comes to take out the fire at the mosque, the firefighters get stoned in return by ‘locals’. This is among the reasons why many world leaders have changed their views on multiculturalism, such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Australia’s ex-prime minister John Howard, Spain’s ex-prime minister, Jose Maria Aznar and British Prime Minister David Cameron. All of these leaders have come forward and proclaimed that multiculturalism has failed. Cameron in particular has warned that multiculturalism is fostering extremist ideology and is directly contributing to homegrown Islamic terrorism. Unfortunately he has done nothing to reverse the homegrown Islamic terrorism, rather Cameron is another example of a leader who has become part of the problem.

For those who think the United States is much better, think again. The Boston Marathon terrorists were immigrants too. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was not just any immigrant, rather he was an asylum seeker. I just wonder where Americans can go to seek Asylum from terrorists such as Tsarnaev?

After the terror attacks in Paris, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls declared that France is officially at war with radical Islam. And like the entire Western world, the only action they will take against terrorists is to hunt them down only after they draw innocent blood. They will do nothing to prevent it such as banning sharia courts and stopping immigration from countries that harbor a hateful culture.

Believe it or not, it gets worse. France and the west not only continue to welcome immigrants from countries that are a hotbed of intolerance and radicalism, but they invite the terror leaders too. Inviting terrorists such as Muhammad Abbas to an anti-terror rally demonstrates just how tolerant the French are to the intolerant. When you welcome and equate a culture of hate to a liberal Frenchman or Zionist Jew there will not just be blood on the streets of Europe, there will be blood on the hands of the entire European elite – yet again.

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Yoel Israel is a digital marketing expert and real estate investor. He earned his MBA from Bar-Ilan University in finance & international business and lives with his wife Dara and daughters in Pardes Chana.
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