Just imagine that someone “acknowledges” that you are a human being with inalienable rights. That’s like declaring that the sky may contain clouds. It’s beyond meaningless; it’s silly.

But not always so, apparently.

Look at what happened with the US now in only a gimmick showing that it believes that the independent, UN-approved democratic unaggressive State of Israel has the right to declare its own capital. Why does that have any meaning? Two reasons.

One, it becomes meaningful to declare someone human, to love a group of people, and to affirm the right of a state to exist, when that has been widely denied before. It’s a moving correction of injustice.

Secondly, the US love affair with Israel lies bare the Jew-hatred that’s still around. It boldly declares this bigotry to be totally unacceptable.

The latter point is the most meaningful because Jew-hatred is one of the two main pillars of the ongoing lack of peace around Israel. (The other pillar is not understanding the holiness of human life and an easiness to kill.) It’s not the occupation, it’s not racism, it’s not nationalism, it’s not capitalism, it’s not old memories, it’s not lack of tolerance – you name it.

It’s not supernatural when some Gentiles stand with Jews. It’s weird that not everyone does.

The Christian and Muslim world have learned to hate Jews. It’s a form of not honoring one’s parents. (No, we’re not your older brother; we’re your parent religion.) The US on-the-whole has repented. Germany has largely and significantly repented. The RC Church has half-way repented. But the hatred is still alive and kicking in the Arab world.

Jew-hatred, and nothing else, has prevented the Arab world as-a-whole from accepting Jews and a Jewish State in their midst. Ending Jew-hatred, and nothing else, can bring peace to the Middle East.

This uncomfortable truth has been exposed by Trump’s unexpected move. It didn’t intend to do that. It was meant to be a silly move. But it turned out most meaningful.

That’s why – strangely – the attacks for the American move are mainly against Israel and not the US. The prime underlying cause, after all, is hatred against Jews, not against the Christian Modern West.

Europe, still financing Arab Palestinian hatred of Jews, and most Muslim countries need to stop Jew-hatred. Unconditionally and immediately. If they want peace.

Don’t hold your breath. Animosity against Jews has been proven to be a stubborn enemy. But it’ll take longer to end when one does nothing.