Tell jokes. It’s an art that can be learned by practice.

Smile, be friendly, sing, be happy (with what is), be pleased, grateful, optimistic and positive.

Don’t smile and joke instead of crying. Don’t joke to escape horror. Deal with the serious issues of life. Take your time crying (not just moping). So that you can spend the rest of the day enjoying life. Tears are not the enemy of jokes; they are the homework and the after party.

Take therapy on you hang-ups so that you don’t need to make jokes about them, which are not funny for people with other hang-ups. The more you get rid of your hang-ups, the more you will see others’. And when you can sense what others are stressed about, you are better able to make them laugh.

Take enough time daily to be part of the good life: playing with a baby, looking at flowers, talking with a good friend, working with your hands (not on the keyboard), take time for creating or enjoying art, etc.

Relax within. Even when you playact someone stressed, stay calm on the inside. You need that for timing. Jokes need good timing. Pauses, repetitions, to build up (wrong) expectations on where the joke is going.

Laugh at your own jokes. Also when you’re alone. Be your own best customer. Make sure no joke of yours goes to waste. Model for others how to laugh. If they insist, explain jokes.

Learn to say sorry when people feel offended. You can’t always be a success when trying to brighten someone’s life. But do try again to see if the next joke could make their day.

Never believe the sour-faced. They would love to laugh too. They are not the enemy – they are your potential customers. Don’t give up on them.

Bitter jokes, rude jokes, cynical jokes, oppressive jokes – don’t tell them and don’t laugh about them. Or if you must, laugh to yourself until they’re not funny anymore.

Listen to people who know how to do stand-up, tell jokes. Seek out people who know how to joke around.

Read jokes. Read comics. Collect them. Memorize them. Have a repertoire to borrow from and vary on. Don’t quote jokes. Make sure they come out fresh, preferably tailor-made for your public.

Don’t “try” to be funny.” Be funny.