Let’s make it short and sweet:.

The way to facilitate the freedom of Jonathan Pollard is to cordially request the government of Israel to detain an identified operative of the American government and to exchange him for Pollard.

People  who ask the US to free Pollard on moral grounds have a clear misunderstanding of the way in which the US operates.

America does not run according to sentiments.

The US operates according to interests at hand and according to the rules of hardball diplomacy.

If the government of Israel wants Pollard back, this is the step that it can take. Then again, only a few weeks after Pollard was arrested, the LA Times alleged that the then-prime minister of Israel, Mr. Shimon Peres, had been operating Pollard directly.

Now Mr. Peres, in the twilight of his presidency, would not want Mr. Pollard to be talking, would he?