US President Donald J. Trump does not like war. But he and his friends do like money and lots of money is made by the rich when poor soldiers try to kill each other.

How to make sure that he won’t start a war, just to increase profit for the happy few? There is a simple method.

Tell him that if he’s even slightly implicated in war anywhere, his chances for getting the Nobel for peace on the Korean Peninsula will fall to zero. That should do it, because the Nobel Prize is something no money can buy.

In the end, he won’t get it anyway, for trying to bribe the judges.

* * *

Meanwhile, back from crystal-gazing and the future, let me tell you that war with Israel is not imminent. I’ve heard many Israeli’s say the opposite, lately, but tense people may not be the best forecasters.

One person in particular said at a Lag baOmer celebration: May we be united and may G-d therefore give us victories over all our enemies.

And this is what he should have said: So easily divided, we often only became united when under attack. War, which always only knows losers, does not need to be a punishment. It could be a means to created solidarity and one-ness. So, when we become united, G-d might be able to prevent war for our good. And that would be a great blessing for all.

* * *

By the way, I find it tasteless if not sexist and classist that White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders gets blamed for saying what Donald Trump told her, when it turns out that he was lying.

* * *

Last but not least: The US Administration’s newest trial balloon to give Arab Palestinians autonomy in Jebl Mukabar, Isawiya, Shuafat and Abu Dis (to make it function as the Arab Palestinian Jerusalem) is too ridiculous for words – but not for protests. The know-it-all advisers of the Trump Administration have cooked up another fictional ‘peace’ plan.

For starters, this does not endear Chezbollah, Chamas or de PA – it only encourages and crazes those Palestinian Arabs still dreaming of chasing all Jews out of Zion, including anti-Semitic PA Chairman Abbas.

And – as always – it is impossible to implement (the four i’s). The Arabs who live there and want to stay in Israel (most of them), being dragged out, kicking and screaming? An even further lengthening of borders and increasing of check posts?

Do we need a further distancing between Jews and Muslims – which will only lead to further demonetization and conflict?

But, I prefer a verbal fight with the US than a real war with enemies. We live in continuously interesting times, so close to total redemption.