Multiple choice:

1. How would you tell the American People that they need to pay more taxes but that you’re obligated to the riches people to spare them, resulting in a tremendous increase in national debt?

A. It’s not going as well as we hoped. A tiny tax increase is necessary – but we’re all going to get a much better society for it.

B. As responsible people we all understand that sometimes we need to give and not just receive. This will help us save money in the long run.

C. We are going to need less money from the American tax payer

D. A tax cut for everyone. This should especially good news for the poor and the middle class. That means more money in your pocket, more money to spend and a boost to the economy.

2. How do you negotiate with the pharmaceutical industry to lower its prices?

A. You tell them: enough is enough. After decades of giantly inflated profits, time has come to lower the prices or we will make you.

B. You and I know that your prices are inflated and need to come down now.

C. How can we help you to start charging less for some of your products?

D. Among friends, I want to ask you if you can find it in your heart to lower some of the prices. Please get back to me when you found some room for that.

3. How do you negotiate with thugs like the Arab Palestinian leadership?

A. You don’t give in more, you won’t have peace.

B. Listen, Israel has been compromising for decades; it’s your turn.

C. We need to see some flexibility from your side.

D. You don’t do as we tell you, we’re going to starve you out of office.

4. How to increase defense spending?

A. Threats have increased so we need to spend more on our military.

B. We have told our allies to pay a fairer part of keeping the world safe; we’re going to do chip in too, but much less than we used to.

C. We’ve become the laughing stock of the world. Unless we shape up militarily, no one will respect us.

D. We hope to never use nuclear weapons, but in order to prevent war to have maximum deterrence, we need to build the best ones possible.

5. How to distract media attention from a scandal?

A. Play business as usual.

B. Hold a really in which you sum up how well the USA is doing thanks to you.

C. Counter-attack.

D. Twitter two unrelated obvious lies, one false mean accusation, call Clinton the worst and yourself the best ever, and include an oppressive remark against a weak groups of people generally liked.

6. How do you counter reports that you’re disliked?

A. You deny the figures.

B. They also predicted that I couldn’t win; we don’t trust fake numbers.

C. You tell the press that no president was liked more than you.

D. Appear in front of the camera beaming, well-aware of how much you’re liked and attack the faker-than-ever media (how do these immoral people sleep at night?).


Solution: every A gives you minus 2 points, every B gives 0 points, every C gives 3 points and every D gets you 10 points. If you have an average of -2 until 8: forget it. If you have 8.3 until 8.8: keep working at it. If you have 10 on average: you’re ready.