I saw the mediocre minds of my generation atrophied by

Twitter, starving hysterical naked,

Dragging themselves through the packed streets on Saturday nights

Looking for an easy fix,

Addle-headed hipsters burning for the nearest wi-fi

Connection to post their photos of the demonstration

That night

Who illusory poverty and self-indulgent and outraged hung

Out smoking in the unbearable summer heat as

IEC warned of possible rolling blackouts

Listen to David Broza

Who emptied their brains on Facebook in a café and

Saw hungry MKs strutting along to

Show their support for the struggle

Who passed through universities with eyes glued to the screen

Imagining buying an apartment  – light tragedy

Against the 16,000 dead in Syria

Who were expelled from Rothschild for tents &

Spray-painting pointless tags on the walls of the



(With apologies to Allen Ginsberg)