About 15 miles outside of Jerusalem, Rachel Moore and Amy Gottlieb Shuter are building out a way cool hub in Gush Etzion.

They represent entrepreneurs who have families, need a place to work, be close to home, yet have access to the big city of Jerusalem when they needed to be there.

The building they are in is state of the art.

I’ve been there for a sneak preview.

They are located in what is basically the most important town in biblical history, no matter what you do or don’t believe in.

They are down the road a piece from Bethlehem, and a short bus ride from the Nation’s Capital, Jerusalem.

They are part of the greater Made in Jerusalem community and you’ve got some great service providers and startups already camping out in the initial phases of the build out.

Help Support Their Indiegogo Campaign

They’ve just launched a new Indiegogo campaign to help support the final build out of the project.

Talk about something of biblical proportions… I hope you will join me in bringing this initiative to fruition.