Israel Lost the PR War Almost 2000 Years Ago

From President Obama to Sky News broadcasters, from Hilary Clinton to the CNN airwaves, the outcry is deafening and goes a little like this, “Israel has a right to defend itself, but it needs to use a proportional response.” Proportional meaning when Hamas attacks you, turn the other check and just use your Iron Dome, anything more is disproportional. Any possibility of a grand scale Hamas terrorist attack is irrelevant. Israel in turn tries to counteract these statements with public relation stunts, moral equivalency claims, and by being as precise in their military operations as possible. Nevertheless, no matter how hard Israel tries it keeps coming up as the loser in the battle for world support.

That’s because this isn’t a battle about morality or proportional response, honestly it isn’t even a battle, for Israel had no chance in the first place. This is all about proportional support. At the center of Israel’s uphill fight the cards were stacked against her long ago. They were dealt poorly back in the Middle Ages, even before that during the Bar Kockba Rebellion, when the Jews became a pariah amongst people. A tolerated group who was allowed to live only out of the benevolence of the host societies and when things got rocky the Jews got murdered leaving small pockets of a visible minority.

Today the world Jewish population stands roughly around 14,000,000, a mere .2% of the world population. On the flip side the natural allies of the Palestinian people, the Muslim population stands at around a quarter of the world population and the Arabs around 422 million people. Considering the disproportionate populations of these peoples the question shouldn’t be why are the Israelis so bad at PR and unable to garner more support but rather, why is it a surprise that the world is more supportive of the Palestinian plight?

The Arabs and Muslims through sheer number are able to be more vocal and successful at gathering support for their cause. Even if only a fraction of their population backs the Palestinian goal of a state it will still drown out the loudest cries for the Israeli side. It doesn’t matter whether Israel stands in the moral right or not; it is doomed into global censorship. Add to that that many Arab countries sit on a natural resource required by the world for commerce and sustainability and the fear of riots at “home”and “neutral” players become anything but unbiased.

Of course you hear the clamor of the left, like 100 Spanish celebrities that think they understand what is going on, and the United Nations crying foul and throwing around humanitarian arguments, which Israel and her supporters try desperately to counter attack by displaying the double standard. This however, is just delusional debating for the real issue has nothing to do with whether Israel is using a proportional response, but that there is proportional support for each side and Israel just doesn’t have the numbers.

About the Author
Yael Weinstein joined the Colorado Agency for Jewish Education as a faculty member in 2009. Yael earned her M.A. in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies from Brandeis University, focusing on the topics of Anti-Semitism and Jewish Identity. At Brandeis, Yael worked as a teaching assistant for Dennis Ross, former U.S. Ambassador. Yael also works with the curriculum development team at the international Melton office at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
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