It’s not true what they say about Mizrachim, about Sephardim, about Ashkenazim (maybe about us it is a bit true – LOL), about Moroccan Jews, Kurdish Jews, Bulgarian Jews, Ethiopian Jews, Indian Jews – there are so many prejudices. And they are all total nonsense. All these Jews are sweet, and getting to know them is a treat. But what they say about Turkish Jews is true: they are the sweetest!

It doesn’t matter if they just arrived from Turkey or have only roots there from generations ago. It doesn’t matter if they are 10, 20, 40, or 80 years old. They are so sweet, and they don’t realize it.

It’s not that they try to be nice or please others — it is a friendliness that is very deeply implanted in them. It’s natural to them and they don’t know any better.

I just heard a story about them that’s so typical. In Istanbul there seems to be a synagogue where at the beginning of prayer services everyone waves at each other. They won’t start the actual service until all have waved to everyone, showing that they are at peace with each other.

I don’t know if we could ask why they are so sweet. A better question could be: why are we not all exactly like them?