I could complain about folding my laundry but I won’t because I am so grateful to have a washing machine and dryer which does most of the work for me.

I could complain about unloading my dishwasher, but then again, would I rather have a sink full of dishes to wash and to dry?

I could complain about not finding parking today but I won’t because I still remember what it is like not to have a car and to have to go everywhere by bus.

I could complain about the traffic in Jerusalem and how busy and crowded it is but I won’t because I remember when Jerusalem’s streets were empty during war time or during bombings and I am so glad that people want to be here, in Jerusalem, just like I do.

I could complain about not having free time but I know that boredom is by far a bigger curse.

I could complain that all of my kids try to talk to me at once but then when they don’t talk to me I wonder why, I worry about them and hope that they will feel comfortable enough to talk to me again soon.

I could complain about being alone but I know that being alone is sometimes better than being with the wrong person.

I could complain about my stomach not being flat and my boobs not standing at attention, but then again, I have given birth to and nursed five babies and I know that this “war wound” comes with the blessing of my kids.

I could complain about not having enough money to go on a vacation but then when I come home I feel safe and warm. My home is a true place of solace, a utopia of sorts, more so than a five star hotel.

I could complain about my family being too demanding, my friends being too busy, my work being too taxing, my community being too gossipy….

I could complain that the sun is too bright and that the night is too dark, the summer too hot and the winter too cold.

I could complain about a lot of things….but I won’t.

Because right now the only thing I can complain about is that life is too short to waste it complaining.

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