They blamed Ferguson on…guess who? Us! Also, with all the rioting, etc., I was reminded of what I’ve learned Kristallnacht was like. Scarily enough, though, even Kristallnacht may be tame compared to what may be coming.

My predictions came true, unfortunately. Meanwhile, this threw me for a loop:

In a recent series of blog posts by the self proclaimed ‘Elder of Zion’, it was made clear that UNRWA teachers in Gaza and other Palestinian cities in Israel are openly promoting terrorism and have expressed views in agreeance with the events of the Holocaust.

Why? It never should have. This is the same UN that stated “Zionism Is Racism” and helped partition Israel into Israel and “Palestine”. It also did the same to another British-occupied nation state, and one that was a relatively-safe haven for Jews since 175 BCE: India. The UN has rarely ever said “No” to Anti Semitism, if it ever has said “No.”

Still, I was surprised when the UN actually admitted to supporting the Holocaust, and when I wasn’t surprised that Anti Semitism would be involved in the situation in Ferguson. How…unaware? paradoxical? ironic?…could I be?