In the upcoming elections March 15, Geert Wilders’ fake party (it registered with only him as member – seriously) is set to become the largest political caucus in Dutch Parliament. Its party platform appeared on one side of an A4 – not a summary – the complete text. It has one main point: Return us The old Netherlands. And I agree!

Wilders refuses to explain how he wants to realize outlawing the Koran and closing all Mosques, given that the Constitution of The Netherlands guarantees freedom of speech, of congregation and of religion. He’s right: Harping on how he wants to implement his vision is an elitist smokescreen to hide that other politicians reject his ideas.

Wilders made a brilliant move by deciding not to divulge any concrete ideas, sign up for debates, or give interviews, because others would just begin attacking and dismantling his points of view. Their attitude is not constructive. What really counts is the big picture, the feeling that all realistic Dutch voters have: enough is enough, Wilders for Prime-Minister because he’ll restore The Netherlands to its old glory.

(He could never campaign with “Make The Netherlands great again” – that wouldn’t work without reclaiming all our former colonies, and although there are not so many Moroccans in them, many aboriginals there do read the Koran, and we would get a Muslim majority 50 years before his prediction, so that’s not an option.)

Now, a crucial question is: Which The Netherlands do we want to reappear? Not the Dutch Republic that had to fight an 80-year war of independence with an average life expectancy of 25 years. Not the times of the 1940s when the Jews were shipped out without barely any opposition or resistance, and when Dutch soldiers were forced to kill thousands of civilians in Indonesia, to see if the survivors maybe would like the country to remain our colony.

So which The Netherlands does Geert Wilders want to return? I’m sure he wants back the same The Netherlands that we both remember so well from decades ago. ►Where it was not just indecent and “not done” but rather unthinkable to insult whole sections of the population because of religion or skin color. (Even to point out someone’s ethnicity was considered totally rude.) ►Where the issue of free speech could never mean permission to verbally hurt others. ►Where politicians maybe could shout but never anything that would sound fascist or racist. ►Where friendliness and politeness were more important that what one had to say and shouting was seen as proof of incompetence and extremism. ►Where intolerance was regarded a proof of abject foreignness to Dutch culture.

The Dutch always held: fit in or piss off (“Aanpassen of oprotten”). And that is not Wilders. His fanaticism and rudeness are incompatible with Dutch Culture and History! Return The Netherlands to the Dutch! Let Wilders return to The West Indies!

PS: One solid proof of Wilders’ incompatible alienation is that he wants all windmills out (point 7). Does he think that The Netherlands is Indonesia? Wilders, get out! We want our country back!