Whenever Donald Trump has spoken, comedians have their new scripts delivered and the world’s press has a new ploy to unravel.

So when he said about his talks with the North Korean dictator “I trust him and he trusts me,” we have a new puzzle to put together.

First of all about trust. Con artists cannot trust anyone. It’s psychologically impossible for them. It’s good to know that Trump will never trust him. To say that Kim would trust Trump is also laughable.

True, Trump has a not-so-secret admiration (not: trust) for oligarchic leaders who do not fire people but fire on people: Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte, Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, Chinese President Xi Jinping and now North-Korean President Kim Jong Un.

Then, there are several reasons for Trump to lie. Sometimes, it’s to deny the obvious that he dislikes. But here the reason is to try to make his words a self-fulfilling prophecy.

A positive spin on risks to world peace is always a winner, on condition 1) that it doesn’t leave naive people unprotected and 2) for weapon sellers that it doesn’t come from someone who wants to cut military spending. Well, we all know that he promotes the rich getting richer.

Next week, Trump is likely to say the opposite, to distrust Kim, playing good cop/bad cop, if needed on his own, to keep everyone on their toes.

But at the end of the day, he will proclaim North Korean’s denuclearization going well whatever the facts – until he receives the Nobel Peace Prize. Hey, if naive humanitarian anti-Zionist Obama had one, if mass murderer Arafat could have one, why would con artist Philo-Semitic Trump not qualify?

And before we’d denounce Trump for being flawed, let’s not forget for a moment that the rabbis teach that the Holy Redeemer has ancestry from several sides that the Torah shows to have been violating sexual ethics.

However, Trump pulling this off is not doing the impossible. Rather, it’s scoring for open goal – if one believes in win-win solutions.

Kim is going to give up nuclear weapons, before actually having them ready, which will never be used anyway (they are only for power play and deterrence) – who needs them – in exchange for North Korea becoming part of the Western world, with prosperity and democracy, uniting North and South Korea, which all should make Kim a historic national hero. And Trump will formalize great trade deals there.

What’s here the unbelievable action?