Impressions of Hillary Clinton at AIPAC

The Jewish world is currently focused on Washington, DC where the 2016 American Israel Public Affairs Committee is having its annual conference. AIPAC is always a big event in the Jewish and pro-Israel communities, but this year is especially significant, because it’s a presidential election year. With the Middle East in turmoil, a growing Iranian threat to Israel and the spread of Islamic State, this is an election with serious ramifications for both Israel’s relation to the United States and to its security. The first candidate to speak was Hillary Clinton, and I will tell you right now, it was unsurprisingly bad.

Hillary Clinton came out with one of the most scripted, shallow, hypocritical, buzzword laden speeches I’ve ever heard, and I’ve followed politics for seven years of the Obama administration, so that’s saying something. She is the most duplicitous politician in the election, and maybe in all of Washington, and the fact that so many American Jews are buying her bill of goods is disheartening to say the least. She claims to be staunchly pro-Israel, and that she has always felt this way. She gives flowery speeches full of platitudes about being tough on terrorism (which she still refuses to admit is Islamic in nature), and about supporting Israel security decisions but her actions tell a very different story.

During her speech at AIPAC this morning, she followed up her seemingly pro-Israel views with commentary about how the Iran deal is still the right thing. Iran is a rogue state run by totalitarian theocrats that openly funds radical Islamic terror organizations that attack Israel almost daily. No deal in which Iran is freed from sanctions to the tune 150 billion dollars and puts them on track for a nuclear weapon is good for Israel. Not when the country in question actively advocates for the total destruction of Israel (and the United States for that matter). Support for Israel and support for the Iran deal cannot go hand in hand. They are antithetical to one another and for Hillary to stand up on stage and bleat about her love for Israel, while claiming Iranian nuclear proliferation is a good idea is nothing short of insulting.

Hillary also ignores the reality surrounding the “Two State Solution”, which has been the foreign policy darling of the United States since the 1960s. The reality is that a Palestinian state carved out of Israeli land is ridiculous. Israel is a country less than the size of New Jersey, and to divide that land up further, and give it to a group of people who continuously attack civilians is preposterous. For Israel to give up land in Judea and Samaria would put them at an extreme security risk, as that land is mountainous and constitutes a vantage point overlooking the flat, populous coastal region. Israel tried land for peace in 2005 when they disengaged from Gaza and that has been a disaster. Three wars since, all instigated by Hamas, who are a terror organization, despite what the BDS crowd would have you believe. Thousands upon thousands of rockets launched at civilian targets, suicide bombings in public areas, and most recently, a wave of brutal stabbings are the result of Hamas and the Palestinian Authority inciting and supplying terrorists. These are the people the Jews are supposed to give a state to? She said Israel’s security is “non-negotiable”. Well Hillary, that means we can’t negotiate with people who have sworn to destroy us.

That is the reality of the “Two State Solution”. It’s a pipe dream, supported by people who have refused to acknowledge the source of the Palestinian hatred of Israel. It’s not about not having a state, that is rhetoric used for political expediency by Palestinian leadership. It’s about not wanting the Jews to be there. Every concession that Israel has made so far has lead to more terrorism, more death and more hatred from the Palestinian leadership, and one only has to look at the videos that Hamas releases to see that it’s about stabbing Jews, not about ending any alleged “occupation”. If Hillary won’t recognize that Israel has no peace partner, and tries to use US influence to force Israel into concessions, she is a disaster waiting to happen, and nothing that she has said or done in her career gives me confidence in her ability to do the right thing.

Over the past several months, one of the most common Hillary Clinton related topics has been her mishandling of classified information in the form of her emails. As this investigation has gone on, the contents of some of these emails have become public. The emails pertaining to US-Israel relations are disturbing to say the least. According to Haaretz, One of these emails, sent in 2011 from then US Ambassador to Israel Thomas Pickering urged Hillary Clinton to find a way for the US to back a large scale Palestinian protest movement.

The worst of these though were the emails between Clinton and her friend and advisor, Sidney Blumenthal, who is a noted anti-Zionist. Blumenthal was not employed by the State Department, but was paid consultancy fees by the Clinton Foundation. He was not an employee of the State Department, or the US government, but was still allowed to advise a public servant on US foreign policy. That doesn’t seem particularly kosher to me. Now initially, Sidney Blumenthal was only directly associated with the anti-Israel movement through his son, Max who is a rabidly anti-Semitic “Jew” who has compared Israel to a “Nazi State” and accused them of perpetrating a “Holocaust against the Palestinians”. This appeared to be a matter of guilt by association, until the emails were released, showing that Sidney frequently and proudly sent his sons anti-Semitic articles to Hillary Clinton. Clinton supporters will argue that this can’t be used to prove that Hillary Clinton is anti-Israel but we can put that to bed when we see that Hillary’s responses to the articles were always favorable, despite the blatant anti-Semitic rhetoric Blumenthal employs.

Her rhetoric is hypocritical, her track record is poor at best and the advisors she has associated with are openly hostile to the Jewish state, yet for some reason, Hillary Clinton still remains the darling of the majority of American Jews. Why is this? Have they just been bamboozled by her rehearsed speeches and empty promises? Have they lost sight of the true importance of Israel for the Jewish people? Do they underestimate the depths of hatred that radical Islam has for the Jewish people? It’s probably a combination of all of these things, and plenty of other factors. One thing is for sure though, and that is when you actually look beyond her pandering facade and cut to the core of the issue, Hillary Clinton would be bad for Israel, and by extension, bad for the Jews. The evidence is available to anyone who bothers to take the time and look, but it seems like a lot of American Jewry are afraid of what they might find out if they do.

About the Author
Andrew Hutz is a Zionist and proud Jew from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is the founder and content creator for The Eternally Jewish Project, which works to inspire positive interest in Jewish/Israeli culture, values and history in order to build a stronger, more united Jewish people. He has a bachelors in history from Arcadia University.
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