Hello there! I’m Leo. I grew up in Vancouver, Canada. I’m 18, Jewish, and am currently living in Karmi’el, Israel.

I’m on Workshop 61, a Habonim Dror Youth Movement gap year program. I’ve been documenting our time here through video blogs for the past 6 months.

I live in a “kvutzah” of 22 others (5 Dutch, 7 Canadian, and 10 American). We live in one big house, and very intentionally: we have weekly meetings, share all of our money in a trust-based system,  a day a week is exclusively dedicated to our group development, and a whole lot more.

We do “messima” around the Galil, improving Israeli society through the education of youth. We teach English and basic, positive values to Arab and Jewish Israeli youth. I specifically work with Arab youth, and see around 200 chanichim in different schools and community centres a week. Watch my videos to really get an idea of what we do here.

One of my most recent videos:

And my youtube page, with all of my other vlogs:


I’ll be updating the blog here with my latest videos around twice a month, as well as with occasional thoughts. Any feedback, comments, or questions, post up in the comments below!



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