The Obama Administration’s new Homeland Security Secretary announced Friday that the department plans to “review the department’s use of force policies.” Media reports indicate that there are ongoing discussions “about when border agents can use their guns.” Apparently, this review has been sparked by a border agent shooting a 41-year old man who struck the agent in the head with a rock near San Diego. (Go figure, a 41-year old rock thrower got shot.)

Wrongly, civil rights groups have criticized border the border patrol (who are overseen by Homeland Security) for allowing border agents to use deadly force against people who throw rocks at them. According to a report, agents were attacked with rocks 339 times in the 2011 budget year. Rock-throwing incidents were the most common assault reported. Agents responded with gunfire 33 times and with less-than-lethal force, including the use of pepper spray and batons, 118 times.

Under the current laws — and let’s hope it remains — agents are allowed to use deadly force if they have a reasonable belief that their lives or the lives of others are in danger.

Those of us who believe in the Torah know very well that history has always taught us that rocks can and do kill people. David, in the Bible, had a sling and five stones which brought down Goliath.

It is normal to respond with force when attacked with a deadly weapon. Rocks can and do kill. Throwing rocks is an act of violence. People who think that rocks are a non-violent weapon should volunteer to be stoned, to see just how “non-violent” these rocks are.

Law enforcement officers anywhere in the world should protect themselves from savage rock throwers.